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Dan Holman is a native Texan, born and raised in Dallas, but he was first exposed to the Native American Flute when living in Arizona while working on his master's in music composition. He bought his first flute after returning to Texas and while perfecting his playing, he began to create relaxing music for use in his yoga classes and later produced "Your Portable Yoga Class," a yoga instructional CD with original music. Dan's music has evolved into an eclectic mix of Native American Flute, jazz, and new age.

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A rhythmic journey of relaxing, balancing, and uplifting sounds, “Ceremony” is composed and performed by Dan Holman. Intended to be used in yoga classes (although great for music lovers too), the CD is filled with 75 minutes of music perfect for all styles of yoga, including a slower meditation part at the end. This music has a wonderful way of assisting the teacher and the student to have a more fulfilling yoga class experience.

Ceremony Track List
1. gathering • 2. invoking earth • 3. regathering • 4. invoking body • 5. giving to fire
6. returning to breath • 7. invoking light • 8. washing • 9. invoking spirit

Everlasting Stream
This CD is delightfully centering, offering every listener a rhythmic and relaxing journey toward well being. His original 30 minute composition of “Life Force Energy” features a peaceful dance of Native American flute, fretless bass and keyboards and is great for doing yoga, helping to focus while working, or any time you need to be both relaxed and alert. Also included is “Everlasting Stream,” a 30 minute piece intended for meditation which combines the refreshing sound of a flowing stream and gentle tones to help you melt off your sharp edges.

Everlasting Stream Track List
1. Life for Synergy • 2. Everlasting Stream

Man Crossing Water
At times a call to connect with your soul and at others a joyful romp through relaxation, “Man Crossing Water” uses an innovative combination of Native American flutes, fretless base, and guitar to create a balanced blend of tones and moods. Containing 55 minutes of original music composed and performed by Dan Holman, this CD will have you tapping your toe and breathing deeply while you ebb and flow through your busy life.

Man Crossing Water Track List
1. The Call • 2. Anthem • 3. The Mountain Rises • 4. Mac & Me • 5. Owl Moon
6. Sleep Sweet Cheryl • 7. Man Crossing Water • 8. Breathe Me In • 9. Jump For Joy